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Fyndster Features

Personalised Contact Card

Create & share your personalised fyndster contact card with a unique fyndsterId, You yourself get to choose.

No Outdated Contacts

Fyndster auto-updates your contacts so practically zero outdated contacts in your contact book.

CallerID & Spam Detection

Enjoy the most powerful & accurate callerID in the world with lightening fast spam detection.

Integrated Local Search Engine

Now find every business big or small, right from your smart contact book fyndster. Whether it is your neighbourhood pharmacy or tutor for your kid. We have got them all, explore now.

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Fyndster My cards

Create your free Fyndster Card today.

Get your Virtual Contact Card now.

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Kamat Rolls
phone email more_vert
+918800614670, Fast food, kathi rolls, sandwiches

Connect with friends and businesses in a Tap.

Search your friends by Name or FyndsterId and add their contact cards to your wallet, Just by a Tap.

Card Details

Add card to wallet.

D3 Dance Studio


  • qrimage

    Scan QR code and add this card to your wallet.

Auto update your contact list.

Days of outdated contact are over. As soon as your friend updates his/her contact card, Your contact list gets updated Automatically and Vice-Versa.

card cover
Nishant Rao
phone email more_vert
+918128513465, Student
card cover
Vivek Prakash
phone email more_vert
+919031002416, Web Freelancer

And more.

Just hop on with Fyndster today and enjoy all the feature we have got for you. Check out our features page to know more about our features.


100% Secured


One Tap Contact Sharing


One Place | All Contact Info


Create Once | Use Everywhere

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